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August 12 2015

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Valentine’s Red Knee http://ift.tt/1DcQYX9

August 11 2015

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Love love love love love http://ift.tt/1DcQXCx

August 10 2015

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Absolutely love everything.. http://ift.tt/1IaMYmW

August 09 2015

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Someone got a special treat today. And now we’re sitting down to a very chilly movie. ❄ ⛄🏰 ❄ So Sunday. by angealcorn on Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/6J1qWdIP09/

Prity lites! Sumwun sed we werr goin ta spain but thiss is mor liek a tardiss advencher. Ar we goin ta spayce? 

0437 a8c4

Its hard to go wrong by emulating Audrey Hepburn http://ift.tt/1DcQYGK

August 08 2015

0452 e3d4

Black and white fashion ♥✤ http://ift.tt/1DcQXCq

August 07 2015

0462 96ff

Le Vichy, tellement Bardot, tellement chic ! http://ift.tt/1IaMVYe

August 06 2015

0473 5a5c

Sleeveless Dress… Have this dress from Boston Proper… It is the perfect travel dress. http://ift.tt/1DcQYqd

August 05 2015

0485 ba34

I would wear this as an undershirt so the lace could show on the bottom http://ift.tt/1IaMVY4

August 04 2015

0496 c032

* 50 Shades Of Style ~ Grey Maxi + White Converse http://ift.tt/1DcQXma

August 03 2015

0505 3a8e

Boho chic front split lacey dress with modern hippie cowboy boots for a carefree style http://ift.tt/1DcQYq4

August 02 2015

0510 19e6

Extratropical Dress http://ift.tt/1IaMY6i

August 01 2015

0516 0569

I remember one something like this in a dark blue cotton print. And especially the lovely young woman who wore it http://ift.tt/1IaMVHB

July 31 2015

0523 3cef

Robe blanche dos nu + chapeau en paille bordé de noir + accessoires carbone = le bon mix ! http://ift.tt/1IaMXPO

July 21 2015

0537 221f

Entrepreneuress 101 http://ift.tt/1fZk2ao

July 19 2015

Re: Phew… It’s ok, for now at least.

Yup. Fuck cancer. Glad to hear he's putting on weight. Try fancy pastries and donuts. ;)

July 16 2015

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9 spring work clothes for women ideas http://ift.tt/1fK1ET2

July 14 2015

July 13 2015

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Morning walk by the canal. #France is beautiful. by angealcorn on Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/5EVHgIIP4Q/

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