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January 26 2015

January 25 2015

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Sunshine and giggles. :) by angealcorn on Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/ySLCtxIP16/

Online Careerist’s Job Digest January 25, 2015

Here are the latest online jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. Happy job hunting!

  • Freelance Writer – Mamamia Are you a writer? A journalist? A freelancer? The Mamamia Women’s Network is expanding big time in 2015 and we are looking to add new names to our regular contributors, writers and freelancers. We’re particularly interested in longer form writing, personal essays and feature writers. We reach 2-4 million women across our sites every month […]
  • Writer – Outdoor Families Magazine Outdoor Families Magazine is a nature-based online magazine dedicated to providing families of all abilities, ages, and circumstances the tools necessary to enjoy the out-of-doors with their children. Driven by the talents of established outdoor family blogger partners and industry experts, OFO will post monthly content that includes recipes, tips, destinations, and inspiration for embracing […]
  • Romance Writer – Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Magazine (2.5 cents/word) Short stories sought for publication in online quarterly journal focused on Science Fiction Romance Length: 2,000 to 7,500 words. Payment: 2.5 cents/word (US) paid upon publication, promotional biography with two links, and a complimentary quarter-page advertisement. Rights sought: Six-month exclusive world digital rights from date of publication; non-exclusive thereafter. Submit! Standard manuscript format, please. Send […]
  • Hair Blogger – The Hairdresser’s Eyes (Guest Post) Do you love hair, fashion, writing and blogging? I’m looking for experienced part time writers needed for a online magazine covering Hair, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel. These are unpaid roles for the time being, until the magazine is in a position to pay salaries. In the meantime, there are incentives as a way of […]

Essential Tricks For Remote Worker Chats On Slack

I started inviting people to join the Online Careerists real-time chat 13 days ago now. In that time, we’ve jumped to 80 signups, with 50 who have actually arrived in the chat on Slack to say hi. That’s pretty good! It means there are now enough people around to have a chat during most hours of the day, which is what it takes to keep momentum.

So who have we got? Well, there are freelance writers, bloggers, programmers, editors, game developers, entrepreneurs and more. We have people who are work at home mums, students, nomads, people in startups and expats. And the countries we come from include Ireland, Sweden, South Africa, Greece, USA, England, Germany, India, Australia and France. Quite a diverse bunch, but all of us are determined to make our remote online working a success.

Now, if you haven’t yet joined us and you want to, head over to Join.OnlineCareerist.com to fill out the form. Be sure to accept your invitation from Slack when it arrives!

If you’re already with us but haven’t joined in recently, here is a quick guide to what’s going on and how to make the best of Slack.

Set Yourself Up On Slack

To be sure you know when the chat is alive and kicking, set up a few things in Slack and your devices.

Make sure your notifications are just right:

  • Head to your account preferences (click on your picture in the bottom-left) and in the notifications tab set up your highlight words. It’s a good idea to add your real name and any nicknames you might have.
  • Also add highlight words for any topics you’re super-keen to discuss. For instance, you might want to add “writing” and “writer” if you want to know when new writers are introducing themselves, when writing jobs come up and when people are discussing the craft of writing.
  • If you’ve made some good friends in the group, consider adding their names or usernames to your highlight words too. Then you’ll know when they’re around to chat to.
  • If there’s a channel you love and always want to get notifications for, you can override notifications for that channel.

Make sure you’re generally set up:

  • Have you set up a Gravatar image?
  • Have you edited your profile? Don’t forget to add your website/blog at the end of the “What I Do” section.
  • Have you joined a few interesting channels?
  • Have you starred your favourite channels for easy access?

What’s Going On In Slack?

In Slack, there are a number of conversations going on in various channels. Obviously, the #chat channel is the most popular, as we’re all signed up by default to it. There are some great jobs featured in #jobs (and you can feel free to add your own or share what you’re looking for), while in #shameless-plugs we’re open to people showing off whatever we’ve been working on recently. In #bloggers we introduce our blogs and get feedback on them, along with similarly focused chats in #writers, #freelancers, #productivity, etc.

We’ve got a few other interesting threads going on in #nowplaying and #books too, where we’d love you to share what you’re reading (if it’s relevant) and to share the music you’re working to.

Don’t forget that Slack is more than just channels. The search function is incredible and there is the ability to add files and all sorts. We can make the Online Careerists community into a seriously useful hub of information.

How Can We Make This Community Better?

We’ve all joined the Online Careerists community in order to find other people working remotely, make friends and share experiences. Even though we’re adding new members every day, it still takes a little bit of work from the community to make it stick.

Visit Chat.OnlineCareerist.com regularly to have a nose around and say hi. If you’ve set up all your notifications well, this will help as you’ll know when it’s worth dropping in for a chat. Even if you’re not certain anyone is there, you might find there’s a channel you’re not in that’s getting a lot of action. Or you might see something you want to respond to.


Invite some friends by sending them to Join.OnlineCareerist.com to fill out the form. While we’re all forging new friendships happily, a lot of what makes a group cohesive is strong bonds between certain members (you have more in-depth conversations with good friends over strangers, right?). So, if we all invite a few of our existing freelancer/entrepreneur/remote worker friends to join us we’ll have a little more glue to keep the whole community together. Also, there will be more people generally, which is win-win! Who will you invite?

January 24 2015

Learning. :)


Learning. :)



January 23 2015

January 22 2015

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This taxidermy was found inside a late 19th-century French mansion which has been sealed up for more than 100 years. Via National Geographic.

Good to know people were just as fucking weird before the internet.

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January 19 2015

3082 She has read 4 books toward her goal of 100 books.   4 of 100 (4%) Create your own 2015 Reading Challenge »
ROCK-SOLID QUERIES by Diana Burrell Angela gave 3 stars to ROCK-SOLID QUERIES: The 10 Surprising Reasons Why Magazine Editors Reject Your Ideas … and How to Write Queries That Get More Acceptances Today! (Kindle Edition) by Diana Burrell
bookshelves: writing-and-journalism, non-fiction, young-adult-educational-material, 2010-2019, 21st-century, we-own-ebook, business-entrepreneur-career, we-obtained-2014, read-2015
This was a quick read, but quite useful. If you want to improve your queries there are some great ideas in here. Also, lots of "get back on the horse" advice to keep you pitching.
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