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October 30 2014

Professional Networking For The Clueless

Working Online May Be As Effective As A Traditional Job

Sometimes you’re just out of luck.

It’s nothing to do with your skills. Rather you’ve wound up in a situation where holding down a traditional job just isn’t going to work for you.

This can happen to anyone – There are dozens of legitimate reasons why working in an office or other traditional environment just isn’t possible for you.

Yet you still need that income.

When it’s impossible to do traditional jobs, you need to think outside the box. And with the Internet the way it is today, there are a lot of opportunities online to earn decent money without leaving your home.

You’re Stuck At Home

Finding yourself stuck at home wondering how the bills will get paid is a terrifying thing. You continually dream about the income you’d have if only you had more time, more flexibility, or free time at the right time. Then you could work a regular job and your problems would be solved, right? But is that even possible?

Why Are You Housebound?

You may have just had a baby, become ill in some way, or maybe you need to care for someone full time. Health and caring for people are huge time drains, and very rarely leave you with the chance to work a regular job.

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with travelling or decided to live in a foreign country where you don’t speak the local language perfectly. In this scenario, it’s not so much that you’re stuck at home, but home is a moving location or a place where you are a master of a language you can work in.

Age can also be a factor. Maybe you’re a teenager, or perhaps you’re studying during the day. Teens don’t always have access to cars or free time during regular working hours.

Employment itself can be a factor. If you’re working a traditional job in the daytime or you’ve just found yourself unemployed for a period of time, you might be looking for flexible work to start on.

Start Freelancing Online

The simplest solution to all of these problems is to start freelancing online. Essentially, all you need is an Internet connection, a cheap laptop and a desire to get started. There are some tricks that will make your life easier, but if you’re reading this post nothing is really stopping you from starting a freelance career right now.

How To Start Working Online

There are plenty of great online jobs you can start almost immediately for quick cash, and many more career paths you can build for yourself, starting with freelance work. The easiest freelancing work to begin with online include writing, design, web development, and photography. However, that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to these types of work, nor does it mean you need to forget your previous career experience entirely. You may need to plan things well to use your skills effectively, but it will be worth it.

You may start off as a freelancer and build your business to the point where it runs itself. Or you can just keep building on your notoriety as a freelancer until you are paid premium rates.

If you’re unsure how to get started, check out my primer on how to launch your online business.

What Do You Do?

What’s your current situation? Are you trying to leave the rat race? Are you a traveller? Or are you housebound in some way? Leave a comment and mention what sort of online career appeals to you at the moment.

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October 29 2014

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October 26 2014

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#Infographic: 9 Comm

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