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August 24 2015

August 21 2015

Top 5 artists this week


Top 5 artists this week


August 20 2015

3056 4326

20 clothing items http://ift.tt/1LjDZTT

August 19 2015

20 clothing items -

20 clothing items - 21 days of outfits

Re: 12 Best Slack Communities for Every Professional

I'd love to add my own humble community: Online Careerist http://Join.OnlineCareerist.co...

August 18 2015

smange shares 9 First-Rate Online Communities on Slack Chat Rooms - Whether Slack l - 9 First-Rate Online Communities on Slack Chat Rooms

Re: The Race Issue: Which box do I tick?

This is possibly the best article I have ever read from you, despite you now being Internet famous. :)

The plight of the Aboriginals in Australia was even worse than you mentioned. But yes, you got the gist of it in one sentence.

Read some books by Malcolm Gladwell. I think it was "Think" the had a surprising amount of detail about his heritage. Actually he'd probably like this article.

And lastly, you're clearly British because you used "Bonked" and "Shagged" in an article. Add a few "Twats" and "Tossers" and you'll probably be made a citizen. ;)

9496 dec9

Wear a midsummer midi skirt http://ift.tt/1TOfsZ2

August 17 2015

Wear a midsummer mid

Wear a midsummer midi skirt. (A Home in the Hills twirls to perfection}

August 16 2015

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